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BOOKDJ.GR - Dj Kalamata! We undertake musical supervision for every kind of your social event. Weddings, Baptisms, Corporate Events Choosing the right musical repertoire and the right rotation of the songs are the most important factor for the fun and the successful outcome of your event. Our goal is continuous and long-lasting entertainment. The repertoire combines modern and classic sounds with strenuous alternations of songs, excitement, fun and dance until the early hours. The composition and flow of the program are shaped jointly in our discussions. But we would like you to know that we have the experience, the discotheque and, above all, the willingness to respond to anything else that is required during your event. We also have experienced partners for the sound and visual coverage of your event, so that the experience of your dream party is unforgettable! More in detail for our partners: Sound coverage, Lighting, Bridal Dresses, Evening Dresses, Candlesticks decoration, an original and fantastic idea for decorating your wedding reception, and not only, photographers, videotaping, dromedic photography. BOOKDJ Music editing for parties, weddings or any event
DJ Wedding Kalamata, DJ for Wedding, Dj Kalamata, Music coverage of events
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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

Music editing of events

DJ for Wedding | DJ for Baptism | DJ for Party & Events

BOOKDJ is characterized by professionalism, consistency, good mood and of course music and gives color to your special moments. We fulfill your expectations with the appropriate knowledge and aesthetics for music, which is the most important part of every event. With the main focus of musical event editing and surrounded by an experienced team of collaborators, BOOKDJ has the ability to provide high quality services, relieving you of any unnecessary stress and responsibility in order to successfully organize all kinds of events.


«John Papoulakos. Kalamata, Messinia, Greece.»

Music is the most powerful form of magic!

Dj for wedding!


The main factor for the essential success of a moment as unique as the reception of a wedding is the fun itself. The most important part and what is definitely left is music and dance, so we have designed the musical services in such a way that they can respond to any kind of occasion, kind or style of reception.

Music is the silence between the notes!

Dj for baptism!


The baptism and music editing is probably one of the most difficult social events that require a lot of attention and good planning to create perfect acoustics. The requirements for such a feast vary depending on the day, time, and age audience to attend.

A good thing about music is that when you “hurt” you do not feel pain!

Dj for party!


Whatever your party status, its success depends almost entirely on music. Whether you are organizing a party at your house, at a bar or on the beach, what you want is for your guests to get up and dance. Should music be up and take them off!

BOOKDJ Music editing for parties, weddings or any event